Life Is The
Ultimate Game...

Let's Win Transform Encourage Support Build up

Ignite mental and physical wellness through the medium of football, while actively advocating for substance-free communities.

Support our mission via sponsorships, donations and event participation.

Making Impact. Supporting Lives.

To champion high levels of success in our community through self-improvement and self-realization, from youth camps and mental health awareness to advocating for substance free living.
To promote and foster both mental and physical well-being through the sport of football, while championing substance-free communities.

Positioning The QCF as an integral and positive influence on Atlanta and Texas youth to reach long-term success and achieve their dreams.

Setting Goals. Creating Change.

Our Past Shapes The Future.

Drafted by the cowboys with the 53rd overall pick, Quincy Carter was the first rookie quarterback selected in the second round to start a week 1 game in the history of the NFL. He now uses his experiences on and off the field to support and encourage people as they strive for their goals.

Events & Happenings

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