The Foundation

Who We Are

The Quincy Carter Foundation (TQCF) was founded with a heartfelt mission: to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals and those in recovery. Quincy Carter, a former NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, initiated this foundation with a vision to create opportunities for children to thrive, both mentally and physically, while also supporting adults in their journey towards recovery, emphasizing substance-free living.

TQCF is committed to advocating for substance-free living. Through educational programs and community outreach, the foundation works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of making healthy choices and staying away from harmful substances.

Our History


Founded in Dallas and now headquartered in Quincy Carter’s hometown of Atlanta, the foundation’s primary focus is on promoting healthy choices.

One of the cornerstone initiatives of TQCF is hosting free football clinics for children in underserved areas of Dallas and Atlanta. These clinics not only teach the fundamentals of the sport but also instill valuable life lessons, such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance

In 2023, TQCF has expanded its mission by partnering with sober living facilities in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. The foundation will offer scholarships to adults seeking post-treatment living, recognizing that these facilities often come with a hefty price tag and are also essential step to addiction free living. By doing so, TQCF aims to reduce the financial burden for deserving individuals entering recovery. Sober living centers are an essential step to living a life free of addiction.

The Quincy Carter Foundation is a beacon of hope for underserved youth, offering them a pathway to a healthier and brighter future through sports, education, and the promotion of substance-free living.

Our Founder

Quincy Carter is a multi-sport athlete, former NFL quarterback, and MLB baseball player who has transitioned into a powerful advocate for positive mental health. With a remarkable sports career and a commitment to giving back, Quincy has become a sought-after speaker for groups, teams, and organizations.   Quincy’s passion for football extends to coaching the next generation. In 2009 he founded the QC17 Quarterback School, operating in Texas and Georgia to imparts his knowledge and experience to young quarterbacks. Today he coaches at his alma mater.

Quincy grew up in Decatur, Georgia, attending Southwest DeKalb Highschool where he led his team to the 1995 State Championship, the first all-black school to win the title in the state of Georgia. After high school, Quincy was drafted by the Chicago Cubs to play baseball, returning after several years to attend UGA, where he set SEC records. Following his years as a Bulldog, Quincy became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys his rookie season (2001), leading “America’s Team” to the 2003 playoffs.

Quincy’s journey has had its share of challenges, including struggles with addiction during his football career. However, through his strong faith and perseverance, he emerged from these challenges stronger and committed to advocating for mental health and healthy living.

Today Quincy coaches at his alma mater, leads the QC 17 Quarterback School and speaks to organizations, championing the message that we are all facing real struggles, and that faith, discipline and resilience can lead to recovery and success. Quincy established his foundation (link) to further support his commitment to giving back to the youth and providing positive life messages through the sport of football.

Board Of Directors

General Barrye Price

Board Member

Barrye L. Price Major General (Retired) Barrye L. Price is a 1985 Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of Houston College of Business Administration. He earned a master’s degree in history in 1994 from Texas A&M University, and in 1997, he became the first African American to obtain a doctorate from the department of history in the 145-year history of Texas A&M University. He also earned a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University in 2004.

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Major General Price’s previous assignments include: Commander of the 5th Replacement Company within the 5th Infantry Division, Fort Polk, Louisiana; Regimental Adjutant for the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in both Doha, Kuwait, and Fulda, Germany; Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York; Assistant Chief of Staff, G1, 13th Corps Support Command, Fort Hood, Texas; White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Director, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Washington, D.C.; Battalion Commander, 4th Personnel Services Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado; Executive Officer and Military Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, G1, Army Materiel Command, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.; Commander, Eastern Sector, United States Military Entrance Processing Command; Great Lakes Naval Base, North Chicago, Illinois; Director, J1, United Forces-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq; Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Cadet Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky; Director of Human Resources Policy Directorate, Army G1 Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; and Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 Army Forces Command in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Major General Price currently serves on several Boards including the Board of Directors of Verde Technologies; the Board of Governors for the Center for Creative Leadership; on the National Action Alliance for Suicide; and on the National Collaborative for Research on Gun. He is the author of the 2001 volume: Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic: A Study of Urban Unrest and Federal Intervention Within the United States; the 2016 volume: Life on the Other Side of You; and the 2020 volume: Homeland Defense: Civil Unrest and Federal Intervention within the United States of America.

Major General Price has received many personal honors including the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merit awards, and the Bronze Star Medal. He is a member of the Halls of Fame, one Hall of Honor, two Distinguished Alumni Awards, and has an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Southern Vermont.

Major General Price assumed his duties at CADCA as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer effective Oct. 1, 2016. He became the President and CEO of CADCA on Sept. 1, 2020.

Dr. Glen D Jones

Board Member

For over thirty years, Dr Glen Jones has been restoring hope in the lives of God’s people, meeting them wherever they are, through leadership in both traditional and non-traditional avenues – through in-house ministry and evangelical outreach.

In addition to his ambassadorial and diplomatic appointments, Dr. Jones has been actively engaged in the development, implementation and delivery of many church-affiliated ministries and businesses. His pivotal roles within the leadership of mega churches has led him to (simultaneously) direct training for over 200 minister, develop a 24/7 counseling center, and manage over 25 licensed counselors, as well as establish an accredited school of ministry and serve as a moderator over numerous churches.

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His experiences and accomplishments as an entrepreneur and business leader with over 30 years of engagement, customer service, community activism, and interaction with high-level dignitaries and executives in the public and private sector have led him to operate in a rare space and partner to deliver highly regarded, global faith-based conferences in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Jones’ passions have led to the co-founding of and executive leadership in such organizations as iLead Global, which provides mentoring, coaching and training in leadership and entrepreneurship, and he is the CEO/President of The Muse Consultant Group LLC. Dr Jones also founded Restoration of Hope World Ministries, a non-profit, evangelical, teaching and preaching ministry that offered faith-based delivery of valuable services for residents in the community, and headed Global Destiny Ministries’ global faith-based initiatives, where he directed the development and support of their ministry leadership teams and professionals as well as pastoral counseling.

Throughout all of his outreach and pastoral ministry, as well as his entrepreneurship and leadership experience, it is clear that Dr. Jones has a vested interest in the lives of the people of God and he recognizes the importance of ministry, leadership, assistantship, and entrepreneurship in fulfilling his call to serve and create great leaders, both in ministry and in the private sector.

Bishop Dier Hopkins

Board Member

Bishop Dier Hopkins is a native of Atlanta and one of five siblings to Grace and the late Lynwood Willingham. He is the Pastor and Founder of New Direction Church where he has pastored over 20 years and is the Overseer of New Direction Virtual Ministries and Transforming Lives Ministries located in here in Georgia. He is a proud father and Husband of Lady Carrie Hopkins.

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New Direction focuses on outreach in the church’s community by facilitating routine outreach activities such as the yearly Back to School Festivals where over two hundred bookbags and school supplies are given to the youth, coupled with activities to feed the community and youth mentoring. New Directions’ youth program, Youth with Direction, meets twice a month for mentoring and community outreach. The ministry also sponsors underserved youth with sport camps and college needs every year.

Bishop Hopkins is the Founder of Next Level Thinking and Author of the selfsame-titled book. He also serves as Chaplain to the Douglasville Police Department where has been a mentor for over 10 years with the Youth Against Violence Program under the leadership of Chief Gary Sparks.

Pastor Hopkins encourages furthering education. Leading by example, he has continued his education and obtained his Board Certification as a Christian Pastoral Counselor in June of 2020 and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from Restoration Theological Seminary in July of 2020.

Karl Berry

Board Member

Karl Berry was an All-American athlete, member of the National Honor Society and of Who’s Who. He was a published author, professional musician, and a mid-level manager with the telephone company. Karl has worked in business to business sales and managed phone sales rooms. During these 25 years he was an active drug addict, using all day every day.

Today after 26 years in recovery, Karl is Senior Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Community Care Resource Council (CCRC). Karl is known in professional circles as a help convener, a referral resource, a connector and has extensive global connections that includes governments, faith-leaders regardless of their beliefs, and behavior health resource providers.

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His help has proven beneficial to organizations and individuals alike. Karl’s affiliations around the globe appear limitless when it comes to life circumstances and its entanglements. Problems such as substance misuse, mental health issues, adverse childhood experiences, homelessness, recidivism, social awareness, community development, food provision, and more. Community care is Mr. Berry’s passion. He uses his skill as an event planner and provider to present programs that focus on the needs of a given community. Music, food, theater arts, assembled in a near perfect fashion provide the needed resources to revitalize hope. Vendors, speakers, government and community leaders all come together to provide a transformational difference.

Locally Karl is an elder in his home church. He labors long and hard for the underprivileged. If you have a passion to help the wounded and people in need, he invites you to become a part of this amazing initiative. Community activists can join CCRC. Membership is free.

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